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Two Masters In LA: How To Be The Complete Human

Interviews with Master Zhou and Academician Nicolay Denisov

By Carol Hiltner

Master Zhou of China and Academician Nikolay Denisov of Ukraine are two self-proclaimed "ordinary humans" who have developed extraordinary skills such as remote viewing, levitation, and teleportation using Eastern and Western models respectively. They are both dedicated to sharing direct paths to mastery. And now they are working together!

Master Zhou is so revered in China that 4,000 people showed up for a recent seminar in Tibet. He attributes his ability to heal-frequently by emitting intense heat from his palms-to the energy flow that is naturally opened by his 70 years of qigong practice. For personal development, he recommends a combination of qigong exercises and direct energetic support from someone who can help open a person's energy channels.

Academician Denisov was captivated as a university student by the idea bringing "sixth sense" abilities back into the realm of adult humans. Kids have these naturally, he says, but through intensive research, he's developed methods to teach adults. He's taught thousands of adults to see remotely, and is now teaching teleportation.


Interview with Academician Denisov

Carol: Welcome to you! Considering your extraordinary abilities, what is your role regarding humanity at this time?

Academician Denisov: Every day our world becomes more complicated. All the mechanisms that people create become more complicated as well. And at the moment, humans have become the least reliable link in the chain of these mechanisms. It might lead to a situation in which human beings are excluded from most other beings. And the only way out for humans is to become more evolved as the whole world is evolving.

Now, people only use their five senses for perception of the outside world. But the more information a person can receive in a given moment, the better decisions he can make. If we can increase the use of the sixth sense, so we use it even half as much as our physical vision, we will have significantly more information with which to make our decisions.

My system trains a person to become more sensitive to this type of information. It's a special state of silence, when a person removes all the thoughts and emotions from their minds. Then the sixth channel works the best. We train our sixth channel to receive the same information as the visual channel by comparing the two-and then we can know that further sixth sense information is correct.

You could say that I am a frequency device that makes other things vibrate at my frequency. When I teach, people become entrained so that their brains are vibrating at the same high frequency.

During training, I give special exercises to enable people to catch this state. Later they can work on it so that they can maintain it permanently. When people remember this state, they always use it in their daily life.

Carol: How is it different teaching here in the U.S. and in Russia?

Academician Denisov: I am glad to be here, teaching in California where it is always summer, because in Moscow it is already winter. Americans are being trained very quickly because they are always in a good state of mind.

Carol: Some people talk about 2012 being a time of radical shift of human consciousness. What do you see around 2012?

Academician Denisov: [laughing] I hear this question at least once a week. Evolution of consciousness is a continuous thing and moves slowly, because it is always tied with our physical abilities, including using our brain. We have to increase the usage within our daily life, and this will organize new neural connections in our brains. Our body has a big reserve: for instance, if a woman's child is under a truck, she can lift that truck-but only in the state of stress. But to be able to lift the truck with one hand all the time, she has to be in training.

Carol: I am curious if you have always been so gifted.

Academician Denisov: I was a very regular child, but the way I am different is that I have always wanted to learn something new. In the institute, when I learned about unusual human abilities that are usually undeveloped, I realized that this was the future-we have to develop humanity's extra abilities.

I started to search for these unusual people in Russia and abroad. In the '60s, all the newspapers were writing about a woman, Rosa Kuleshova, who could see with her eyes closed. In the '70s and '80s, all the papers were writing about Nina Kulagina, who could move things without touching them with her hands. I met with the scientists who were testing these women and documenting all the experiments. Later on, I traveled all over the country, meeting with people who could see with their eyes closed. I've met with Ivan Shipachin in Siberia and, in the Urals, Tatyana Machalkina.

Meeting with all these people allowed me to realize why some people can receive information through this special channel and others can't. I realized that it is only in a special state that the human brain becomes sensitive. So I started to develop a system to train adults to this state. Many people could teach this to children, but nobody could teach it to adults. Children find this state very easily by themselves-you just need to tell them, "This is a normal state and everybody can do it."

One of my students who could already teleport objects wanted to try it with his daughter. He took a handful of coins and removed all five-ruble coins. He put the coins in her pocket and said, "Now let's play a game. You have to pull five-ruble coins out of your pocket without looking." The girl put her hand in her pocket, searched around a little, and pulled out a five-ruble coin. He said he almost fell down because he knew there were no five-ruble coins in her pocket. He asked her to do it again, and after she had pulled out six five-ruble coins from the pocket in which none existed, she said, "Oh, Father, I'm already bored with this game. Let's play something different."

Carol: Speaking of "something different," I understand that you also teach teleportation. When I imagine teleportation, I imagine not having to get into an airplane.

Academician Denisov: For six years, I have been trying to make intentional teleportation of a human being happen. At the present time, my students can teleport an object of any size any distance. Several times, they have spontaneously teleported of a human being. For example, one of the students was turning the corner near her house, and suddenly she appeared in a different part of town. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to repeat this on demand, but I expect that within a year or two we will learn how to teleport a human being. Then I'll teach you how to move without a plane.

Carol: Oh, I am ready! Do you think teleportation is an individual thing, or that all of humanity has to shift for people to be able to teleport readily?

Academician Denisov: It's individual. Each person has to make the shift. However, the more people who can do it, the easier it will be for others to make the change, because they will know that it is possible, and they will accept it easily from a psychological point of view. They will allow teleportation into their picture of reality.

It's the same psychological mechanism as seeing with your eyes closed. When I was just starting to see using the sixth sense, people said I was out of my mind. But when I trained people throughout Russia and many people started to see, then the president of the Academy of Sciences was accepting me, and the head of the St. Petersburg Institute of the Human Brain-Natalia Behterova. And we did an experiment in the Serbsky Institute Social and Forensic Psychiatry in Moscow. This all became possible only after many people started to see with their eyes closed.

It will be the same with teleportation. Now, most people don't believe that teleportation is possible. But there are already around a thousand people who can teleport objects. If that number gets to 100,000, then people will just believe in it.

Carol: So it's a case of the 100,000th monkey?

Academician Denisov: Truly. So now, my most important work is to teach teleportation of a human being. I have not yet teleported myself, but if I make this dream happen, it will be a big advance for all of humanity. Can you imagine that you would not need any more trains or planes? Then, we wouldn't do this interview by Skype, but just move to Paris and do it in a sidewalk caf?. It will not be long.

Carol: That would be great! When you succeed, we will announce it in Spirit of Ma'at. Back to the present, I understand that you are now teaching with Master Zhou. How does that work?

Academician Denisov: We will teach parallel classes, but completely different styles. Master Zhou will teach classes of ancient Chinese exercises, and I will teach more of a European style. When I met Master Zhou, I was impressed with his strong energetic force. In his school, vision gets opened only in a very advanced state of training. A student must practice several years before training in the sensitivities starts. I start to develop students' sensitivity from the first minute of my training. So our systems will complement each other. He will develop energetics and I will develop sensitivities.

Carol: Is that because we Westerners are not so patient?

Academician Denisov: It's true. In the East, people are not in a hurry. They have a different philosophy. They say, "Oh, if we get enlightened after sixty years, that would be nice." But here, if you told people that they would have to train for sixty years to learn something, then nobody would even start training.

That's why I developed my system in a very condensed way, so that a person will get results within the first five days. After a person receives these results, he or she can develop the next step and the next.


Interview with Master Zhou

Riddle: What do Drunvalo and the Dalai Lama have in common?

Answer: Lots, we all know. But beyond that, they have both experienced the healing hands of Master Zhou.


Carol: Welcome! Considering your extraordinary abilities, what is your role regarding humanity at this time?

Master Zhou: I am just like regular people in society. However, the qigong method is very effective. I'm very interested in qigong exercises and practice and would like to contribute whatever I know to society. I like to teach people qigong, and to help everyone get a healthy body.

Carol: How is it that you came to the United States?

Master Zhou: I was invited here to be in a film, but while I was coming to the U.S, the director was going to China to look for me, so we missed each other and the film wasn't made. But friends here recognized my ability, and they arranged for me to stay. Now I am a U.S. citizen. I do travel back to China to visit my mother, but people in the United States want me to be here, so mostly, I am here.

Carol: As a "regular person," is it your estimation that every human can have the same powers that you have? If so, how?

Master Zhou: Qigong is not unreachable. If you study hard and follow my instructions, you will be as good as I am. It is different to learn from a master than to learn from a book. In qigong, posture is one of the most important elements. A book will show pictures, but that's different from working with a master. When a student is doing the practice, it is hard for the student to see whether a posture is correct or not, but I am able to immediately correct a student's posture.

If the posture is incorrect, the amount of energy flow in your body will be different, and sometimes you will be blocked. When you are standing wrong, it is like closing the channel and the energy won't go in. I open channels for you and emit energy into your body, so you have fast progress.

Carol: So, do you help people to heal mainly by correcting their posture?

Master Zhou: In a class, I look at each student individually, because different people have different problems. So I give them different exercises to open different channels that will balance the energy in their bodies. Beyond correcting their posture, I also give deep energy during the class to help people to heal. For example, people who have high blood pressure or who have neurological problems can be doing the same exercises, but their requirements will be different.

Carol: Is there a difference between a healing session such as you did with the Dalai Lama, and when you are training people in qigong?

Master Zhou: They are different things. The main purpose of doing qigong for health is to absorb good energy from the universe. For a healing treatment, I myself get energy from the universe and emit it from my palms to the patient's body to the place or symptom that needs help. For the most effective healing, we need to combine the qigong exercise with the technique of emitting energy.

When I am treating patients, it is not necessary to use extremely hot energy. It depends on the patient. Sometimes the patient needs cold energy. There are many qigong healers, but the method I have developed is different from others. I use qi energy and other different types of energy for healing a patient. I use many methods to detect a problem. Besides my third eye, I sometimes listen, and sometimes use the wisdom from Buddhism and Taoism.

For example, maybe a student wants to communicate with a spirit in heaven during her meditation, but she cannot get a connection. I can bring the spirit down from the heaven to her. I ask her, "Can you see him?" She says, "Yes."

I say, "How come, when he asks you a question, you don't answer?" And the patient says, "I can't hear him." So I check her body and find out that she got an injury. She can only see, but not hear. It's like a wire that got cut off so the energy doesn't go through.

Carol: I watched the "Ripley's Believe It or Not" video ( that shows you emitting high heat from your hands. How does this relate to your healing work?

Master Zhou: It is a demonstration of the power so that people can see it, because qi is normally invisible. People love to see this performance.

Carol: Do you use qi to keep yourself warm when it's cold outside?

Master Zhou: [laughing] It's more efficient for me to light paper with qi and let it heat me than to use qi to keep me warm.

Using qi to keep your body warm is only for certain times. The universe is so big and you are so small, and you only have a certain amount of energy inside your body. Maybe I can last longer than other people, but we all have our limits. The best way is to practice qigong to strengthen your immune system, to make your body very healthy so you don't get sick easily.

Carol: Thank you, Master Zhou! Is there anything further that you would like to communicate to the readers of this interview?

Master Zhou: I wish everybody a healthy life, and a healthy body through practicing qigong. And not only through qigong, because after you practice for a long time and advance more and more, you realize more things by yourself.

I hope that this article will help spread the art of qigong to everyone to make everyone healthy. I travel many places and I see that people need qigong because of lack of exercise and lack of energy in modern society. So I teach people qigong and encourage them to practice it every day to strengthen their immune system and stay healthy.

Master Zhou ( and Academician Denisov ( will be teaching together at the San Diego Convention Center February 4-7, 2011: $100 for 4 days of training. Early sign-up is recommended at website: For further information, contact (888) 945-7444, (951) 249-0961, or

Event organizer Hendrix Castro of NeuroVision Academy explained that the two masters are teaching together because, when he introduced Academician Denisov to Master Zhou, Academician Denisov could see his energy, which Master Zhou said had happened with only two other people. So Master Zhou said he wanted to help the Russian master: if Academician Denisov wants to open people's vision, he would support it.

So, Master Zhou will teach his amazing fire qigong to open up the channels in the body to prepare people to open up their vision, and Academician Denisov will be doing energetic work to open the third eye. Then Master Zhou and Academician Denisov will do demonstrations and give lectures. NeuroVision Academy ( is also the U.S. representative for the Bronnikov Method, and as a bonus, Hendrix will be teaching highlights of the Bronnikov Method. After the seminar, Master Zhou will be available for individual healings and Academician Denisov will be teaching further classes on opening internal vision.

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